What  is  the What  is
new  cloud? new
Old cloud Old
vs New cloud New
Syncing Files duplicated on every device. Device storage problems. Device dependency. Where do I have my files? I don´t know which files are on the device and which ones on the Cloud...
Syncing Don´t sync, just work directly online. It´s faster, easier and the most important of all, it´s collaborative.
Conflicted copies
Conflicted copies As you have all files duplicated in different devices, it´s very often to face problems like conflicted copies, which completely ruin them.
Conflicted copies With the new Cloud you don´t need to worry about conflicted copies. Your files are safe. You don´t need to have them duplicated on every device.
Indexing The old Cloud is not made to work with it. If you make intensive use of these solutions, it is very common to see how much they crush when trying to index thousands of files
Indexing The new Cloud is designed to work fast using web technologies. Sometimes, it´s even faster than your actual computer!
Ocean of tabs
Ocean of tabs The old Cloud does not support multitask. When you try to open two files, they open in different tabs, making the whole experience very poor.
Ocean of tabs The new Cloud has been conceived for multitasking. Introducing a gamechanger concept (windows in the Cloud!), you will be able to work at the same time with different files, as you collaborate with your colleagues
Storage The old Cloud gives you very little storage for free, in order to charge you a fee for a excessive amount of space you will never use.
Storage The new Cloud gives you a very reasonable amount of free storage to start working online. If you need more, you just pay as you go. You will never pay for storage you don´t use. Clever, isn´t it?
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